Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is HILL COUNTRY DETOX licensed as a medical detox facility?

Answer: Yes, Hill Country Detox is is a medical detox facility licensed by the Texas Department of Human and Health Services as an inpatient medical detox facility and has to pass an extensive renewal inspection each year.

Q: Does Hill Country Detox have nurses on site 24/7?

Answer: Yes.

Q: Where is Hill Country Detox located?

Answer: Hill Country Detox is located on 22 acres in Buda, an easy 20 minute drive from the Austin Bergstrom International Airport and from downtown Austin, Texas.

Hill Country Detox Drug Detox Program provides complimentary car service to pick up patients flying in to the Austin Bergstrom International Airport and return them to the airport or their continued treatment provider when they have completed their detox.

Q: What is included in the Hill Country Detox Medical Detox Center daily rate?

Answer: Patients coming to Hill Country Detox for a detox program to handle dependence or addiction to drugs or alcohol pay a single daily rate for their medical detox. The included services are:

  • Medical supervision 24/7
  • Private or comfortable shared room
  • Delicious food and snacks available anytime
  • Medications used for the alcohol detox or drug detox.

The only additional charges are for personal items and medications that are not related to your medical detox.

For more information please Call our Intake Specialist at 888.512.5020.

Q: Do you use medications to help your patients detox?

Answer: Yes. Hill Country Detox is a licensed medical detox facility.

Our Medical Director uses Suboxone and Subutex to help make withdrawal from heroin, methadone, OxyContin, Vicodin, Percocet and other opiates more comfortable.

Q: Will I be given medication to prevent pain, discomfort or sickness?

Answer: Yes. The medical staff will monitor your progress and, if needed, will provide additional medication to help you more comfortably and safely complete your drug detox or alcohol detox program.

For more information please Call our Intake Specialist at 888.512.5020.

Q: Do you accept insurance?

Answer: Hill Country Detox does accept certain insurances as payment for its services. If you have out-of-network insurance coverage for drug detox or alcohol detox , your insurance company may cover your stay, at least in part, assuming medical necessity is met.

Q: Other detoxes tell me exactly how many days my detox will take. Why can’t Hill Country Detox?

Answer: Most other detox facilities use a standard protocol that is the same for everyone. While we can give you a range of days, the length of your drug detox or alcohol detox is really determined by several factors (age, health, length of use). Our average stay at Hill Country Detox Medical Detox Center is five to seven days on a majority of our detoxes.

For more information please Call our Intake Specialist at 888.512.5020.

Q: Is Hill Country Detox also a rehab facility?

Answer: No. Hill Country Detox Medical Detox Center is a drug detox and alcohol detox facility. However, Hill Country Detox has been very successful in educating our patients who need further treatment and assisting them to make the decision to go to a rehab program.

Q: How do I know my confidentiality will be protected?

Answer: A very comprehensive pair of federal laws strictly protect the confidentiality of patients undergoing a drug detox at Hill Country Detox Medical Detox Center; these laws are much more stringent than those applying to a hospital. We are a medical facility and your detox program, your personal and medical records and your identity are not revealed to anyone without your written authorization.

Q: What will my accommodations be like at Hill Country Detox?

Answer: Each Hill Country Detox patient has:

  • A private or comfortable shared room
  • A television in your room
  • A home-like environment
  • A serene environment on 20 acres.

For more information please Call our Intake Specialist at 888.512.5020.

Q: I still have questions about my drug or alcohol detox program. How do I get answers?

Answer: Please  call our Intake Specialist at 888.512.5020.




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