Polysubstance Detox

Polysubstance Detox

Polysubstance detox is a medical intervention that helps a client to safely withdrawal after using polysubstances, or more than three substance in a 12 month period. Clients who are living with chronic polysubstance abuse should considering beginning their treatment with a polysubstance detox as part of a comprehensive treatment program.

Polysubstance Detox Withdrawal

Polysubstance users are individuals who continuously use or abuse more than one substance, and may be prone to withdrawal from more than one of these substances. Detox protocol for multiple drugs is highly individualized, and can be performed by combining the multiple detox protocols. At Hill Country detox, we can safely detox individuals with complex drug and alcohol use histories, and help them on their way to living a sober, healthy life.

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HCD-LogoHill Country Detox is a detox center in Texas. We offer detox in Texas, and we are able to transport you from the airport, to our detox in Texas. Once you successfully completed our detox center in Texas, we will be happy to transport you to your final destination. Contact us today to start your detox in Texas experience.