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What Does Long-Term Residential Treatment Look Like?

Long-term residential treatment is an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab program that lasts at least 90 days. High-quality treatment facilities have both a medical and clinical team on-site who can provide highly individualized treatment programs and personal monitoring 24/7 to address your changing needs throughout the course of your rehab.

Residential treatment takes place in a comfortable setting with other people in recovery and offers home-like accommodations and recreational activities. Throughout the course of your inpatient drug and alcohol rehab, you’ll follow a treatment plan that involves various evidence-based treatment modalities and behavioral therapies to fulfill a comprehensive rehab curriculum. This involves group/individual therapy, addiction education, family support and more. Many long-term residential treatment facilities will also use the 12-step program to guide this curriculum.

Major Benefits

Time to recover.

Addiction recovery looks different for every person and there’s no set amount of time in which you can plan to get better. Inpatient residential treatment gives you the time you need to heal — mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Life is busy and there are constant distractions, stressors and changes that take place from day to day. Setting aside time away from work, school and other obligations can provide much needed time for recovery.

A safe place.

Long-term residential treatment also offers a safe place to be sober for an extended period of time, learn healthy habits and gain life skills you can take with you and use every day. Sometimes recovery at home can be difficult, especially if substance abuse is common in your inner circle of friends and family. This type of inpatient treatment is ideal for those who have just finished detox and need a place to continue drug and alcohol rehab.

Supportive community.

Pursuing sobriety is very difficult on your own. Individuals typically do better with a support group made up of people who genuinely care and have the expertise to help you through the recovery process in the most productive way possible. Inpatient treatment connects you with medical and clinical experts, addiction counselors, and a whole community of people just like you as you work through your rehab program.

Long-lasting results.

Continuing addiction treatment after detox with long-term residential treatment has proven to decrease relapse rates in recovering addicts. People who leave rehab and return to a harmful living environment are more likely to relapse because they haven’t yet diagnosed the underlying causes of their addiction or addressed other issues that contribute to their substance abuse.

Choosing the Treatment That Is Right For You

When seeking out long-term residential treatment, it’s important to choose a facility that can provide the level of care you need, in a way that is right for you. At Hill Country Detox, our staff can provide expert recommendations based on your circumstances, but we also advise you to consider the following factors as you evaluate your options:

  • What kind of continuum of care program is offered after residential care?
  • Does the facility provide individualized treatment plans to meet your specific treatment needs?
  • How does the residential treatment program provide family support during and after rehab?
  • Is the staff made up of highly experienced and certified addiction recovery specialists?
  • Do you feel safe and comfortable at the residential facility?
  • Is the treatment affordable for you?

Paying for Long-Term Residential Treatment

Many long-term residential treatment programs for drug and alcohol rehab will accept insurance benefits to supplement the cost. If your insurance policy provides coverage for substance abuse treatment, you may be eligible to apply your benefits to the cost of rehab. The staff at Hill Country Detox can help you verify your benefits for residential treatment at a recommended facility.


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