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Alcohol detox is a medical intervention that will help you safely withdrawal after the cessation of drinking. If you are living with chronic alcohol abuse or alcoholism, you should consider beginning substance abuse treatment with medically-assisted alcohol detox as part of a comprehensive alcohol addiction program.

Who Needs Alcohol Detox?

Alcohol detox withdrawal can be potentially life threatening and can lead to seizures when attempted without medical supervision. For this reason, we highly discourage detoxing from alcohol without medical assistance. Once we complete your physical examination, we can provide appropriate recommendations for alcohol detoxification based on your needs.

Individualized Alcohol Detox Program

All alcohol detox programs at Hill Country Detox are highly individualized. Cookie cutter detox programs are not the most effective way to treat individual cases of alcohol dependence and addiction. Instead, we take the time to carefully examine your health and circumstances to determine your needs. We then use those results to design a customized detox plan that will address all your physical, medical and psychological needs, and provide the highest opportunity for long-term success.

Duration of Detox Program

The length of time you spend in detox will vary based on your level of alcohol dependence as well as other coexisting issues, like:

  • How long you abused alcohol
  • When your physical alcohol dependence began
  • The amount of alcohol you ingested each day
  • Any co-occurring medical disorders you have
  • Any co-occurring mental disorders you have
  • Prior trauma or alcohol-induced trauma you’ve experienced

Once we have completed a physical assessment and examination, we will tell you how long you can expect to spend in detox.

Many Insurances Accepted

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Alcohol Withdrawal

The intensity and duration of alcohol withdrawal symptoms will vary for each person and is dependent on a number of factors including your level of dependence, your overall health, your substance abuse history and coexisting conditions.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Common alcohol withdrawal symptoms include tremors, nausea, vomiting, hallucinations, chills and insomnia. More severe withdrawal may also result in seizures.

Withdrawal Timeline

In most cases, alcohol withdrawal symptoms will begin within eight hours after your last drink and reach their height within a few days. Overcoming the alcohol withdrawal symptoms can take between 5 and 14 days, but most people’s symptoms subside after one week.

Medical Management of Symptoms

At Hill Country Detox we use medications that bind to the same near-receptors affected by alcohol, allowing us to safely taper our patients down until they’ve overcome physical symptoms of dependence and withdrawal. Our experienced medical staff will make sure you are comfortable and safe throughout the duration of your alcohol detox program, so there is no need to be afraid of the symptoms you may experience.

What to Expect

Our individualized detox treatment plans are comprised of three main components:

  • Comprehensive Assessment

Upon admission to Hill Country Detox, we’ll give you a quick tour and help you complete your intake paperwork. Once that is complete, you will meet with a nurse who will address your current needs and begin detox protocol based on those findings. Within your first 24 hours on-site, we will do another more in-depth physical and psychological evaluation. This will provide additional information about your substance abuse history, prior treatment, coexisting medical or mental disorders and more. These details are crucial in designing a detox program that most effectively meets your needs.

  • Supervised Detox

As you progress through your detox program, our medical and clinical staff will consistently monitor your vitals and neurological status to make sure you are safe and comfortable. We provide on-site medical support 24/7 so we are always nearby to provide support or respond to your changing medical needs.

  • Individual and Group Counseling

Counseling sessions during detox are primarily designed to address your present state and process your emotional responses to detox. Contingent on your physical well-being, you’ll meet with a detox counselor in individual and group settings to discuss how you’re feeling, answer any questions you have and address unhealthy behaviors and thought patterns. This process provides peer support, education and will also help prepare you for ongoing treatment and recovery after detox.
Upon the completion of your detox program, your treatment team will provide personal recommendations for a continued care plan. This may include residential inpatient rehabilitation, intensive outpatient treatment or a sober living program.

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