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What Does Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) Look Like?

Intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) is a great way to bridge the gap between inpatient residential treatment and outpatient care. For many people, this also allows for more flexibility to maintain other obligations such as work, school and family responsibilities.

While most outpatient addiction treatment programs only last a few weeks, IOP spans eight weeks to provide a full curriculum of extensive outpatient rehabilitation.

If you are enrolled in an IOP program, you’ll meet with a support group several times a week at a safe, nearby facility. Throughout your program, you’ll attend group and individual counseling sessions and learn more about coping and relapse prevention techniques you can put into action on a daily basis.

Benefits of Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)

  • Consistently implement healthy routines and behaviors. IOP allows you to live independently while attending your weekly drug and alcohol rehab sessions. While this may not be enough structure for some, you may find that it offers plenty of opportunity to put the healthy habits and behaviors you learn in rehab into immediate action.
  • More affordable. Residential treatment facilities are often more expensive because they require payment for room and board as well as addiction treatment. If you need a lower cost option, intensive outpatient treatment is a great choice.
  • Establish community support. Developing a community of friends and mentors who are also working towards recovery increases your quality of life by providing support, encouragement and accountability on your own journey.
  • Versatile treatment option. Unlike residential inpatient treatment, you are not required to live in a care facility for 90 days or more. IOP is more versatile in that you can still receive the same extensive, quality care, even if you can’t commit to residential treatment at this time.


Components of IOP

Intensive outpatient addiction treatment programs are designed to encompass a comprehensive spectrum of evidence-based treatment modalities, including addiction education, social skills, relapse prevention, family dynamics and more. Below are the three main components you’ll experience during IOP:

Group Counseling

Several times a week, you’ll meet with a group of individuals in recovery to work through the principles of the 12-step program. In this group setting an addiction specialist will also lead you in exploring your thought processes and behaviors, show you how to self-monitor and identify at-risk situations, and develop strategies for relapse prevention.

Individual Counseling

Your addiction specialist will help you identify and address issues in your life and then set healthy goals and expectations for your recovery. Regular meetings with your counselor will help keep you on track to achieve those goals and work through issues that arise along the way.

Educational Lectures

Lectures in a group setting will help you expand your knowledge on a variety of addiction topics that will propel you further on your journey to recovery.

Paying for IOP Treatment

Although it may seem daunting to think about, paying for intensive outpatient treatment is very realistic. Many IOP programs will accept insurance benefits to help make treatment more affordable for you. Depending on your health insurance policy, you may be eligible to apply your benefits to the cost of treatment. A member of the Hill Country Detox admissions team will be able to verify your insurance benefits with a recommended IOP program.

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