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What to Expect at Hill Country Detox

During your treatment at Hill Country Detox, you will meet with a clinical counselor and recovery specialist throughout your detox program, but the frequency of your sessions will depend on your individual needs and physical well-being.

In meetings with your counselor and recovery specialist, you will engage in conversations about specific problems you’re having, plans and recommendations for your discharge, as well as strategies for sustaining your sobriety. Additionally, if you are experiencing an issue that you feel is too personal to discuss in group counseling, your individual session is an ideal time to discuss it.

Group counseling during detox takes place within a clinical process group, where you’ll have the opportunity to share and receive feedback and encouragement, as well as receive multiple different perspectives on life situations related to addiction and drug abuse. Group sessions will also provide additional chemical dependency education and provide time to ask questions about detox, addiction, and recovery.

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Why We Provide Individual and Group Counseling in Detox

Discuss the emotions you’re feeling during detox – Discussing your emotions as you progress through detox is a healthy way to work through those feelings while bringing them to light.

Address unhealthy ways of living – A series of harmful lifestyle choices may be one of the reasons you needed detox in the first place. By addressing this unhealthy lifestyle, your detox counselor and recovery specialist can help you shed your old way of living and learn to adopt a new one.

Answer your questions about detox and recovery – Whether you have questions about your physical withdrawal, psychological responses or your ongoing recovery, our staff can provide helpful information to answer those questions.
Prepare you for entry into rehab – Preparing for drug and alcohol rehab is one of the main components of detox because, without it, relapse is likely. Detox alone is not a cure for addiction. An ongoing care plan is what leads to permanent and authentic change. Your multidisciplinary treatment team will provide you with a recommended care plan for treatment after detox.

Personal Benefits

We believe individual and group counseling is a vital part of the detoxification process, as it provides so many great benefits, both during and after your program is complete.

First of all, the counseling aspect of detox serves as a positive first experience into recovery. Maybe this is your first time at a detox facility or perhaps this is the first outward decision you’ve made toward your recovery. Whatever your situation may be, we want you to have a positive and life-changing experience here.

Another personal benefit of detox counseling is that you have the opportunity to address your emotional responses to detox, in addition to the physical ones. While our medical team is addressing any physical concerns, our therapeutic counseling team and recovery specialists will be here to support you emotionally. Your treatment team will always work hand-in-hand to provide the most comprehensive care.

Group counseling also provides an opportunity for you to begin establishing a peer support group while learning how to share, listen, and be compassionate towards others who are also struggling with substance abuse.

Your detox counselor and recovery specialist will also help you begin to understand the importance of continued care in rehab by unrooting some of those underlying causes that led to your addictive behaviors.

Counselor and Recovery Specialist Qualifications

Our detox counselors and recovery specialists are experienced, trustworthy and reliable. Individual and group counseling during detox is designed to be a safe and confidential place for you to share your individual struggles and experiences without fear of rejection or judgment. Our professional staff is here to assist you in any way possible as you continue your recovery journey.

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