Components of Our Personalized Detox Programs

The framework of each medically-assisted detox program we offer



Hill Country Detox provides medically-supervised drug and alcohol detox for a safe, comfortable transition through withdrawal. Our extensive detox programs follow a formula that is designed to provide comprehensive, quality care.

Individualized Detox Programs for Men and Women

Every detox program we create is customized for each client. While each detox program is different, each one is made up of the same components.

Comprehensive Assessment

Within 24 hours of your admission, our clinical and medical staff will assess your current physical and psychological conditions to determine how to proceed with your detox program. This comprehensive health exam is a very important part of our process as it gives us all the details we need to design your care program in a way that is most beneficial to you.

Supervised Detox

A full medical and clinical team will be on-site to observe you very closely during the entirety of the detox and withdrawal period. This is ideal because as you progress through your program, your physical, medical and emotional needs will change. Our medical team is on-site 24/7 and we’ll be able to monitor those changes and administer medication as necessary to make sure your detox is comfortable and safe.

Individual and Group Counseling

As you rest and heal, you’ll attend group and individual counseling sessions with your detox counselor. Detoxing is not just a time to remove harmful, addictive substances from your body. It’s also about shedding a toxic way of living. As you slowly distance yourself from harmful habits, your detox counselor can help you address emotional issues that arise while also working with you to implement healthier thoughts and behaviors. This will all help you prepare for entry into a drug and alcohol rehab program.

How Long Does Detox Take?

The length of your detox program will depend on your drug abuse history, current health condition, co-occurring conditions, medical needs as well as the type of detox required. Each addictive substance affects the body differently, and as a result, our medical staff will need to treat your physical withdrawal symptoms appropriately to maintain your safety and comfort throughout the detox process.

What Makes Our Detox Programs Different?

We consider the needs of the whole person—mind, body and spirit. Our goal isn’t just to get you clean and send you on your way. Instead, we pursue the complete healing, restoration and recovery of each person who walks into our facility. After detox, we will provide professional recommendations for long-term drug and alcohol rehab and help you make the transition into your next phase of recovery.

We also view your comfort as a major factor in the success of your detox. To ensure that you are content and happy at Hill Country Detox, we provide luxury accommodations in a beautiful, Mediterranean-style home. Our hope is that you can relax, recover and rejuvenate in our calm oasis, tucked away in the hill country of Texas.

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