What Comes After Detox?

Long-term addiction treatment for lifelong recovery



Individualized medically-assisted detox plans at Hill Country Detox are designed to prepare your mind, body and spirit for the next phase of recovery. Although detoxification is a very important step in the recovery process, it is the first of many. What you do after detox will determine the extent of your sobriety.

Research has shown that detox alone is not equivalent to long-term addiction recovery. That’s why each of our detox treatment plans include developed recommendations for continued care, such as residential treatment or outpatient care. These recommendations are based on your individual circumstances and can be tailored to suit your lifestyle needs.

Our thorough approach to your recovery care is founded on evidence-based addiction treatment that leads to long-term or even lifelong sobriety.

Continuing the Journey with Long-Term Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Relapse is much more likely to occur after detox if you are not actively involved in some type of ongoing addiction treatment. Once you’ve completed your personal detoxification program, you’ll be prepared to continue your journey with long-term drug and alcohol rehabilitation. This is an important step that provides many benefits for individuals in recovery.

Some of the main benefits of long-term drug and alcohol rehab are as follows:

  • Provides a foundation of support. Developing a supportive community of people who can help guide you through the recovery process is a necessary part of real, lasting recovery. This provides opportunities to have productive conversations that remove barriers and bring harmful behaviors and mindsets to light.
  • Offers a distraction-free environment. Returning to a harmful living situation after detox would be detrimental to your recovery, no matter how devoted you are to a sober life. Long-term residential treatment offers a safe, substance-free environment in which you can take your time working through issues and practicing abstinence without temptation.
  • Encourages self-awareness and understanding. To truly understand your addiction, you must explore beneath the surface of your substance abuse. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation incorporates a variety of behavioral therapies alongside the 12-step program to provide a deeper understanding of your motivations, actions and potential.
  • Meets multiple needs of the individual. Long-term addiction treatment reaches far beyond your medical needs, addressing your social, physical, psychological and cultural needs as a human being.


Ongoing Treatment Options

After detox, your team of addiction specialists at Hill Country Detox will be happy to see you into your next phase of treatment. You are not alone in this process and we can offer plenty of options for ongoing addiction recovery treatment and aftercare that will meet your individual needs.

Long-Term Residential Treatment

This addiction treatment program lasts 90 days or more, depending on your circumstances. Residents are housed in a comfortable, residential facility with others undergoing similar rehab treatment. During this time, you’ll attend individual and group therapy, work through the 12-step program and establish a foundation of community support. Residential treatment also provides family support, behavioral therapies and more to address all aspects of addiction recovery.


Intensive Outpatient Care (IOP)

Once you have completed your inpatient residential treatment, you can continue with an intensive outpatient care program to bolster the transition into a self-determining sober lifestyle. During IOP, you’ll meet with a recovery group several times a week at a convenient facility for open discussion and continued addiction support.


Sober Living

Sober living homes provide a safe, substance-free place for you to achieve an autonomous lifestyle alongside a community of other people in recovery. This stage in the recovery process offers a structured living community and accountability while you continue to learn the important life skills and responsible behaviors you’ll need to live sober on your own. We can recommend sober living homes for men, women and LGBT individuals in a number of different locations including Colorado Springs, CO, Austin, TX, Houston, TX and Chicago, IL.

The staff at Hill Country Detox is ready to help you move on with the next phase of your recovery after detox. If you have more questions about what comes after detox, please call 888.512.5020 for more information.


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