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Opiate detox at our facility is a medically-assisted process that helps you safely withdrawal after the cessation of opiate use. Heroin detox is one of the more commonly requested detoxes and many patients at Hill Country Detox enter into this program. If you are struggling with chronic opiate abuse, you should consider beginning your drug treatment with opiate detox as part of a comprehensive substance abuse treatment program.

Who Needs Opiate Detox?

For your own safety, we always recommend detoxing from any addictive substance in a medically-monitored environment. In addition, untreated withdrawal symptoms can be extremely uncomfortable in a non-medical environment. If you are physically dependent or addicted to opiates, we highly recommend you detox at a clinical detox facility.

Individualized Opiate Detox Program

Your treatment team at Hill Country Detox will design a custom opiate detox program for you, based on your individual needs and circumstances. This enables us to offer a much more effective treatment plan that provides the highest opportunity for your continued recovery. As you progress through your program, your detox protocol will be updated to reflect your ongoing needs.

Duration of Detox Program

The duration of your opiate detox program is contingent on the results of your physical and psychological exam. The length of your detox plan will vary based on your individual treatment plan and a number of other factors, including:

  • Your metabolism
  • Your weight
  • Your height
  • How many opiates you used
  • How long you’ve been using opiates
  • The quality of the opiates you used

Opiate Withdrawal

The severity and duration of opiate withdrawal symptoms will vary based on your usage history, physical health and the extent of your dependence.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Opiate withdrawal symptoms usually present themselves as flu-like symptoms and include body aches, nausea, vomiting, chills, runny nose, teary eyes and insomnia.

Withdrawal Timeline

Some highly potent opiates can cause withdrawal after just one use and physical symptoms may appear very quickly after your last use. The most severe symptoms will most likely peak between day two and day four, but opiate withdrawal is different for everyone. Most people’s symptoms subside after one week.

Medical Management of Symptoms

At Hill Country Detox, we use a medication called Suboxone to comfortably taper you down through the most severe withdrawal symptoms. While opiate and opioid withdrawal symptoms are typically not life threatening, the severe discomfort of untreated symptoms contributes to the high risk of relapse. By managing these symptoms for you, we can help you get through withdrawal comfortably and relax into a sober, stable state.

What to Expect

Comprehensive Assessment

First and foremost, every opiate detox program at our facility begins with a comprehensive assessment. Upon your admission to our facility, you’ll meet with a nurse for a brief physical assessment. The results of this initial assessment will be used to begin your detox protocol. Within your first 24 hours on-site, we will complete a more in-depth need-finding physical and psychological examination to design an individualized detox program for you.

Supervised Detox

Throughout your treatment at Hill Country Detox, we will monitor your vitals and neurological status closely every four hours to ensure that you are comfortable and safe. This process requires consistent open communication between you and our medical staff so we can ensure that all your needs are met.

Individual and Group Counseling

Individual and group counseling sessions are also a part of your detox treatment, contingent on your physical well-being. These sessions are designed to help you process your emotional responses to opiate withdrawal and prepare you for ongoing treatment by addressing harmful behaviors and thought patterns. Our primary focus during detox counseling is the present, not the past, so you can focus on building a healthier, sober life in recovery.
Once you complete your program at Hill Country Detox, your treatment team will provide individual recommendations for your ongoing drug treatment, which may include long-term residential drug rehabilitation, an intensive outpatient program or a community sober living program. You are not required to continue treatment, but we highly recommend it as ongoing sobriety and wellness is contingent on adequate treatment length.

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