What to Expect During Detox

The ultimate guide to your detox experience at Hill Country Detox



We watch many individuals complete their drug and alcohol detoxification programs, and if there’s one thing that always remains true, it is the detox experience will be different for each and every person. Some factors that influence an individual’s experience in detox include:

  • Length of addiction
  • Tolerance level
  • Combination of drugs used
  • Co-existing mental or physical disorders

Types of Drug Detox Programs

Our sub-acute detox facility provides a variety of detox programs for all addictive substances. Each type of detox program we offer will vary based on the physical effects of the drug, your physical condition and your drug abuse history. Our medically-assisted inpatient detox programs are all inpatient, monitored treatment plans that provide a high level of care and consistent monitoring that reduces the likeliness of relapse.

Not everyone who enrolls at Hill Country Detox will need a full detox program. In these cases, we can provide  medical observation to ensure your withdrawal experience is safe and comfortable. Whatever your needs may be, medical observation and medically-assisted detox are always the best and safest way to detox.

Luxury Accommodations During Inpatient Detox

Our facility offers the highest quality medical care without the discomfort of a hospital stay. In fact, our clients rest very peacefully with luxury accommodations located on a serene, 20-acre property in the Hill Country of Texas. Located just 20 minutes from downtown Austin, we are also conveniently close to the Austin Bergstrom International Airport and can provide complimentary transportation to and from our facility if needed.

Residents enjoy semi-private rooms with flat screen TVs and private rooms are available upon request. Every mouthwatering meal and snack is expertly crafted by a chef and there is plenty of opportunity for rest and relaxation during your stay.

Unlike going “cold turkey” at home or staying in an impersonal medical facility for days, our medically-assisted detox programs are offered in an environment that is designed to feel like home, so you can focus on your recovery and wellness instead of wishing you were home.

Experiencing Withdrawal

Just as the entire detox process is different for every person, the withdrawal experience will be too. Depending on your circumstances and the drug(s) you have abused, you may experience a variety of physical and emotional responses during withdrawal.

Physical Responses

As your body adjusts to the absence of addictive substances, you may experience bouts of insomnia, chills, excessive sweating, vomiting and intense cravings. Although your physical symptoms will vary depending on your drug abuse history, these are some of the most common physical symptoms many people experience.

Because withdrawal is such a unique experience to each person, our medical staff remains on-site 24/7 to provide assistance as needed. We closely monitor each patient and administer tapering medication so that the ascent down to sobriety is a surprisingly pleasant and easy one. There is no need to fear any uncomfortable physical effects of withdrawal.

Psychological Responses

It is not uncommon for individuals to experience intense emotional changes during detox. These may include bouts of depression, suicidal thoughts, extreme anger or anxiety. When detox is completed in an unmonitored environment, these psychological responses can be very dangerous and lead to self-harm. But when these take place in our clinically-monitored facility, we are able to address them with appropriate medication and counseling to ensure your safety.

Family Support

We recognize that people don’t recover in isolation. Recovery is a team effort. We will make sure your family and loved ones are well-informed, included in decision-making processes and completely involved in your detox program at Hill Country Detox. Your detox counselor will call your family every day with an update on your progress and they are always encouraged to ask as many questions as they need and want.

Duration of Detox Treatment

While other detox treatment facilities may offer a timeframe for your program, we cannot. We don’t believe cookie-cutter detox treatment plans are effective for long-term recovery. Instead, we strive to provide highly personalized plans that result in higher completion rates and the best opportunity for your ongoing recovery.

Your detox plan will be designed based on the results of a comprehensive need-finding assessment to best address your circumstances. Some of the factors we take into account when creating your detox program are:

  • Your overall health
  • Your drug abuse history
  • Any co-existing medical and mental conditions
  • The duration and dosage of your drug abuse
  • Any other drugs you used simultaneously with your primary substance

Once we have collected these details, we can give you an accurate timeframe for your detox program. Most of our client’s treatment plans are completed within 5-7 days.

Helpful Guidance Through Your Detox Program

We aim to provide full support throughout and after your time here at Hill Country Detox. From admissions to the completion of your program, our experienced and dedicated staff will be here to support and guide you on your journey to recovery.

Whether it’s verifying your insurance information or answering all your questions about detox, our admissions staff is highly qualified to ensure you have all the details you need to make an informed decision about your detox treatment. We can also help you arrange transportation to our facility and provide details on what to bring (and what not to bring) during your stay at Hill Country Detox.

On your first day of detox, our staff will welcome you to our facility and give you a tour of the property. We want to make sure you feel right at home, so you are always welcome to ask questions about the facility and our programs once you arrive. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet your detox counselor, resident advocate and recovery specialist, who will walk you and your family through your intake paperwork and get you set up for your physical evaluation with a nurse.

The three main stages of your detox program are:

  1. Evaluation
  2. Stabilization
  3. Preparation for entry into addiction treatment

When customized for your situation, these phases provide a comprehensive, need-based foundation for recovery. Our medical and clinical team will work together with you to provide personalized, quality treatment that is focused on treating the whole person, not just the addiction.

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