The Stages of Detox

Three essential phases for a successful detox program


Drug and alcohol detoxification is the process by which these toxins are removed from your body. If you are suffering from substance abuse problems, you are battling the disease of addiction—a complex, far-reaching problem that affects all aspects of life, from decision-making and relationships to finances and self-worth.

In every detox program there are three main stages that will guide you from a life of addiction to recovery. It’s important to recognize that detox is not a substitute for rehab or addiction treatment, but instead, is the first step to achieving lifelong recovery.

The stages of detox are designed to address your needs, achieve a mental and physical level of stability, and prepare you for ongoing addiction treatment. Each phase is equally as important and relevant to your overall well-being and health and should be facilitated by licensed professionals in a safe, monitored environment.

Stages of Detox

1. Evaluation

The comprehensive assessment is the first phase of all individualized programs at Hill Country Detox and also serves as the foundation for the initial substance abuse treatment plan once your body has successfully rid itself of toxins. During your health assessment, our medical team will determine the amount of the substance in your bloodstream, screen you for co-existing physical and mental conditions, get an overview of your current health and obtain more information about your substance abuse history. This comprehensive assessment of your medical and psychological conditions gives us the information we need to create your personal detoxification plan.

The evaluation stage is absolutely necessary to provide the highest quality of care available. Just as every person is different, each detox program should be too. Our detox programs are designed to be flexible as to meet the needs of individuals of all cultures, life situations, health needs and ethnic backgrounds. Our approach to detox works because it is so highly personalized. Therefore, we see much higher rates of completion than many other detox facilities.

2. Stabilization

This next stage of detox is designed to help you achieve a substance-free, healthy and comfortable state of being. During this time, our medical and clinical staff assist and monitor you as you undergo withdrawal from the substance(s) you were previously abusing. As your body adjusts to the absence of this substance, you may experience a variety of physical and emotional effects, including nausea, insomnia, anxiety, chills, cravings and other uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. At Hill Country Detox, we use medication to effectively taper down your symptoms so withdrawal is both safe and comfortable.

Family support and involvement is also a large part of the stabilization stage. Your detox counselor will call your family members once each day to provide updates on your progress, answer any questions they have and provide additional support as your friends and loved ones go through this process alongside you.

3. Preparation for Entry Into Addiction Treatment

This third phase of detox is meant to help you engage in your own continuum of care plan for ongoing substance abuse treatment. In learning more about the disease of addiction, how it affects your mind and body, and what you can do to take control of your life, the third stage of detox encourages you to continue with an addiction treatment plan with individual and group counseling sessions. The counseling provides a safe space in which to process your emotional and physical progression through detox to gain a better understanding of yourself and what is required of you for lasting recovery.

At Hill Country Detox, our detox counselors will provide personalized recommendations for your ongoing treatment once you have completed your detox program. This may include residential addiction treatment, outpatient addiction treatment, aftercare or a sober living program. Ongoing treatment will help you identify the root causes of your addiction, deal with triggers and unhealthy living environments, learn how to modify your behaviors and thought processes to be more constructive, and gain basic life skills that will lead to lifelong sobriety.

Each client at Hill Country Detox will be personally guided through each stage of their detox program by our caring, experienced staff. There is no standard for how long each phase should take and your program length is totally dependent on your needs and circumstances. Whether this is your first or tenth time in detox, our personalized programs are designed with your full, ongoing recovery in mind.

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