Supervised Detox

Clinical Supervision for Effective and Comfortable Detox



What Happens During Supervised Detox

At Hill Country Detox, we have nurses on-site 24/7 for consistent, round-the-clock monitoring during detox. Our experienced staff is trained to recognize and treat the symptoms of withdrawal from all addictive substances so you can feel safe knowing that you or your loved ones are in good hands.

Once your comprehensive assessment is complete, detox protocol will begin. Throughout the duration of your program, you will have the freedom to rest in your semi-private room and enjoy all of the luxury amenities our facility offers.

We will continually manage and reduce your withdrawal symptoms with safe tapering medications so you can be comfortable at all times. Our medical team will also check your vitals and neurological status every four hours and carefully watch for the presence of potentially life-threatening symptoms like high blood pressure, seizures and delirium. If you are malnourished or dehydrated upon admission, we will provide nutritional replacement and rehydration. Your individualized detox program will continually be adjusted to address your changing needs.

Medical Monitoring

Not everyone who is admitted to Hill Country Detox will need a full, personalized detox program. In some cases, you may just need to be monitored for a 24-72 hour period as you discontinue the use of an addictive substance. With stimulants like cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamine, our clients typically just get very tired. For those types of detox, we still like like to monitor vitals every four hours and make ourselves available for any medical or emotional needs you may have.

Many Insurances Accepted

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Why We Provide Medically-Assisted Detox

  • Our priority is to make sure all of your physical, medical and emotional needs are met. You will always have exceptional and appropriate levels of care here at Hill Country Detox—we do not treat individuals whose needs cannot be adequately met at our facility.
  • A medically-assisted program allows us to provide consistent monitoring so we can quickly resolve any medical emergencies that arise.
  • We believe a clinical detox program is the safest way to manage withdrawal symptoms and provide the utmost comfort and quality care for each client.

Benefits of Supervised Detox at Our Facility

We always recommend a medically-supervised program for any type of substance detoxification. Our extensive detox programs provide many benefits for all of our clients.

Most importantly, you and your loved ones can feel safe because you are in the care of experienced, trained detox specialists throughout the entirety of your program.

Additionally, the detox process is much easier than trying it on your own at home because you have a whole team of experts supporting you. Instead of staying in a hospital, you receive high-quality care in an environment of comfort, freedom and flexibility, along with the luxurious amenities of our home-like facility.

And finally, your treatment team truly cares about your well-being and quality of life and is familiar with your individual needs. Therefore, we can recommend appropriate continuum of care options for your continued recovery.

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