Hill Country Detox is a sub-acute detox facility in Buda, Texas with luxury accommodations. One of the biggest barriers to attaining long-term sobriety from drugs and alcohol is the withdrawal symptoms experienced when one attempts to quit using. You or your loved one may have attempted this at home in the past, and no doubt found this a difficult and uncomfortable experience. Our luxury, Mediterranean style housing and medical detox program are built to offer the high quality of care of a medical facility without discomfort of a hospitalization.
Hill Country Detox: Not so Frequently Asked Questions you’ll want to know the answer to:
How do I know if I need detox?
Because abruptly stopping use altogether or attempting a medically unsupervised taper can be potentially life threatening, taking a guess at a need for detox is never a safe idea. It is also important to keep in mind that withdrawal symptoms may not begin until several hours or even days following your last use. Aside from being a danger to your health, the ‘cold turkey’ approach without strategic medical stabilization can sabotage continuing recovery efforts and heighten the discomfort of post-acute withdrawal symptoms which could persist for weeks or months. The best possible chance of staying sober begin with medical detox. Our admissions team is available 24/7 to help determine an individual’s specific detox needs and can also schedule a full assessment with our medical doctor prior to admission.
I have been in a cycle of on and off using for a while and have been to detox a few times before. Do I really need a medical detox again?
Yes! In most cases, an individual with repeated withdrawal episodes from cyclic and/or binge using is at a greater risk than a more consistent user that has not attempted detox before. This is due to what is known as the Kindling Effect, causing every subsequent withdrawal period to be more severe than the last. There may also be medications, mental health concerns, or medical issues to consider as well. While the risk medically is greater to individuals using alcohol, benzodiazepines, and similarly classed substances, the physical discomfort associated with even moderate or shorter term heroin or other opiate use is significant enough to make recovery efforts much more difficult without medical detox.
Will I be completely off of drugs and detox medications before I discharge?
Yes. Hill Country Detox offers a full medical detox managed by a psychiatrist and supervised 24/7 by a complete medical staff. Our goal is to safely and comfortably stabilize our clients to prepare them for a journey toward sustainable sobriety. We use detox medications on a taper, as well as non-narcotic medications for comfort. We do not discharge our clients with detox medications to finish their taper outside of our care. We believe that use of Suboxone is short-term and prescribed in an inpatient setting only. However, continuing use of non-narcotic medications that do not have an abuse potential such as antidepressants or other psychotropic medications for a diagnosed reason is encouraged.
Do I have to continue treatment after detox to be accepted into your program?
No, there is no commitment to continuing treatment required to enter Hill Country Detox. Inpatient detox is recognized as a medical stabilization process and is not considered actual drug treatment. Hill Country Detox recommends continuing treatment beyond detox to every individual we treat. However, we are able to offer detox services only. If you are unsure if you need or want to seek residential drug treatment after detox, our clinical and recovery staff can assist you in exploring all options available to you to find the best possible solution for your specific needs. We also offer a 90-day residential program, a 45-day extended care program, intensive outpatient services, and sober living separately from our detox program.
What if I need to be admitted immediately?
Hill Country Detox is staffed 24/7 by a full medical team. We understand that an individual’s needs may be urgent and are able to accommodate admission to our facility at any hour. Our admissions staff are also available to answer questions and begin the admissions process at any day and any hour.

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