The Drug Epidemic is alive and well in America. Each direction we turn we find someone whose life has been affected by this drug epidemic. It is killing an average of 129 Americans a day and increasing yearly. Time Magazine recently released an article showing how “How The Drug Overdose Epidemic Spread in America “. It sheds light on the increasing amount of deaths related to drug overdoses, lack of heroin addiction treatment, and what it will take to stop this drug epidemic. Here is map of the increased deaths due from drug epidemic and which states are affected.

“On Average One American Will Die from A Drug Overdose Every 12 Minutes in America”



2002 drug epidemic map


Photo from Time Magazines Article ” Watch How the Drug Overdose Spread In America”

2008 drug epidemic map


Photo from Time Magazines Article ” Watch How the Drug Overdose Spread In America”

2014 drug epidemic map


Photo from Time Magazines Article ” Watch How the Drug Overdose Spread In America”

Time Magazines article stated that,

Because it’s difficult to determine the number of overdoses in small-population counties, the figures in this map represent the CDC’s statistical estimates for lethal overdoses in every county. In some cases, this undercounts fatalities, since the model tops out at “over 20 deaths per 100,000 people” when, in fact, a handful of outlying counties have figures much higher than this. Also mentioned in their article, most of the media coverage of this crisis has focused on spiking levels of heroin addiction. It is estimated that 29 people die a day from heroin overdoses and lack of heroin addiction treatment.

How can you help?

Here are a few simple ways to curb these deaths from the overdose epidemic that America is facing,

Detox/Treatment/Sober Living and IOP

The most effective way to stop drug overdoses is getting the addict off the drugs they’re using. Long term use can cause severe withdrawals and medical detox programs are highly recommend, especially for heroin addiction treatment . On Going treatment through a residential program for heroin addiction treatment allows the addict more time away to work on himself. Sober Living and IOP are great for transitioning back into the real life community and world.

12 Step Meetings and Support Groups

These meetings and groups allow the addict to find other who share a common peril. Often referred to as “in the program “ addicts helping addicts get clean and sober has shown to be effective.

Proper Training with Anti Overdose Medication

Proper training with anti-overdose medication and knowledge of an overdose can decrease the rate of deaths. Naloxone, which can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose before death.

For More Information about the Current Drug Over Dose Problem and The Anti-Overdose Drug Naloxone

Current Drug Over Dose Problem In Your State

The Anti-Overdose Drug Naloxone

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