The Washington Circle Group (WCG) provides a definition of what drug detox is. They say detoxification is a medical intervention process that safely helps a substance abuser through the experience of acute withdrawal. They mention that detox doesn’t solve the whole problem, once drug detoxification is complete that the drug abuser can best aid his recovery process by entering into a drug treatment center. Drug Detox is considered to be the first step in the process for drug treatment. Drug detox can last different lengths of time. The detox length depends on the type of drug and the level of abuse. Drug detox can last from several days to two weeks and the client can experience withdrawal symptoms as early as a couple of hours after last using drugs or alcohol. The fear of losing the drug, the undesirable physical, mental, and emotional effects due to the withdrawal can be a burden on the drug user. Withdrawal symptoms can occur when the body becomes physically dependent on the drug of choice after being consumed over a long period of time. Medical Detox professionals should be consulted prior to beginning any course of the drug detox process. Supervised by medical professionals can ensure the best detox possible.

Medications and Detox

Medical professionals trained in the drug detoxification treatment process can help treat the undesirable effects of withdrawal with medications. This process includes medications used to help manage the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, making the process safer and more tolerable for the drug user. Based on the choice of drug and using history, Subutex and Subonxone can be used to treat opioid withdrawal. Benzodiazepines can be used to treat withdrawal from stimulants such as cocaine and methamphetamine. Medications provided by a professional can ensure the best detox possible, managing the withdrawal symptoms.

Natural Detox

The concept behind natural detoxification is the allowing the body to move through withdrawal symptoms without assistance from medications.Attempting natural detox can be a challenge. Many addicts are unprepared for the discomfort experienced during the withdrawal and end up relapsing as a result. It is important to remember to see medical advice from a professional before attempting an at home detox. Due to the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms experienced, it is highly likely that drug addicts and alcohols will return to using when the withdrawal symptoms worsen. There are various medical complications that can occur during a natural at home detox.

Cold Turkey

The risk of quitting “Cold Turkey “which is a popular method of self-detox can lead to fatalities in some cases. Especially when dealing with alcohol or benzodiazepine abusers. Users of these drugs should seek medical detox programs. The effect due to quitting cold turkey is that the body loses its tolerance for the previously high doses of the abused drugs, and if those substances are reintroduced back into the body prior to completion, there is a high overdose risk involved.


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